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So what does the investment with the largest stock brokerage company in India mean to you as a customer? Well, all your stock brokerage needs are managed under one roof. More pillar to post races, to track your finances!

Stock Broking services

Negotiate the stock market, invest in IPOs, mutual funds or currency derivatives using the mode that suits you best. Online, offline or even on our stock trading application, we offer stock trading at your fingertips.

Portfolio Management services

Do you not know what stocks to buy or sell? Cannot keep all your investments in one place? Our portfolio management service with expert advice is just the answer to your problems.

Dual benefit: Stock Brokers + Depository Participants

We also participate in depositories such as the NSDL and the CSDL. This means that you can now execute transactions using our securities brokerage services and settle your transactions using our deposit services!

Research Expertise

We publish various sector research, business-specific research, macroeconomic studies, fundamental and technical analysis of the actions you can take before investing your hard-earned money.

Updated Market Data

You get the right advice from the street, updated market information and internal news that our extended sales teams deliver on a daily basis.

International Reach

Securities have a well-established presence in Asia-Pacific, Europe, the Middle East and the United States. You can trust us with your money in any part of the globe.