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Travel Insurance

Plenty of planning is done before choosing a vacation destination abroad, international hotels, international flights, etc. However, who will make sure your vacation is a success? A travel insurance plan will ensure that your vacation is hassle-free. Whether you lose your luggage or passport or need any medical support during your trip, travel insurance abroad will ensure you get what you need. So get ready, buy travel insurance and go on a carefree trip With HDFC ERGO Travel Insurance, you have the opportunity to explore and enjoy new destinations from the heart. With our wide range of travel insurance plans covering both leisure and business travel, we always have a plan that will best suit your travel needs at an affordable cost

Our comprehensive two-wheel insurance policy covers all damage to the vehicle, driver or passenger in unforeseen circumstances such as accidents, natural calamities, theft, etc. It also protects you in case of legal liability associated with accidents. We offer different plans to meet your requirements to cover your valuable vehicle against any damage or damage from third parties.

International Travel Insurance

We put a lot into planning a perfect vacation abroad. However, to ensure that our holidays are a complete success, travel insurance is an absolute necessity. Your trip abroad should be carefree and worry free, and a comprehensive travel insurance policy provides you the same. Whether you lose your luggage or passport or even need medical support during your trip, travel insurance abroad will ensure you get what you need. Spend your worry-free holiday in the back of your mind, buy a travel insurance policy. If you are planning your next business trip/family in the Schengen countries, travel insurance is mandatory for Schengen Visa.offers travel insurance plans online for the Schengen countries


    Why does we require Travel Insurance?

    Travel insurance provides you and your family with medical, financial and other assistance in case of emergency or unforeseen circumstances during an international trip. No matter who you are: business traveler or leisure traveler: you are now safer with Overseas Travel Insurance that protects you from unfortunate events such as loss or delay of checked baggage, loss of passport, medical emergency or an accident. Ensure your trip and enjoy a hassle-free trip.

    What are the eligibility criterias?

    Our travel insurance policy is obtainable for all ages amid 6 months and 70 years

    What is the least period for a trip to be insured?

    Our travel plans proposal coverage for trips as small as 1 to 4 days.

    Does one have to go conclude any medical examination?

    No, there is no medical examination required until the age of 70.

    Is there a medical examination for Schengen travel insurance?

    Medical supervision is not necessary until the age of 70 years. We can call on doctors of any age if the client is suffering from a pre-existing illness.