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Personal Accident Insurance

Accidents are unforeseen and unavoidable. These incidents take only a few seconds to turn life upside down. In addition, the impact is felt both emotionally and financially. It can even drain your savings throughout life, leaving your family in a difficult situation without resources or help. Therefore, securing the future of your family and allowing your basic daily needs in your absence becomes the highest priority for you.

Personal Accident Insurance provides financial stability for you and your family in the event of an accident. The police cover the death of persons, physical injuries, and personal burns.


    What is an accident?

    Accident: Any sudden or unexpected event that results in permanent physical disability or accidental death

    What benefits are payable under this policy?

  • You can now protect your entire family with personal accident insurance against accidental injuries

  • The policy provides benefits to you and your family in the event of accidental death, permanent disability, broken bones, and burns due to an accident

  • It also offers benefits from the cost of ambulances and hospital money.
  • What are plans available with this policy?

    From Rs. 2.5 lakh to 15 lakh with four plan options to choose from

  • Self Plan
  • Self & Family Plan
  • Self + Dependent Parents Add-on
  • Self & Family Plan + Dependent Parents Add-on
  • How many members can be included in the family plan?

    You can include your spouse and two dependent children under the family plan.

    Can I include my parents in this policy?

    Yes, you can include your dependent parents up to age 70. Personal accident insurance offers additional benefits for your dependent parents with an affordable flat rate. Now you can give back a small measure of the love and concern they have shown for you.