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Purchasing a new car in Bangalore has certainly not been easier. Personal Loan Bangalore offers easy and fast auto loan facilities to its customers. We have cooperated with various banks in Bangalore to offer the finest deals to our consumers to get a car loan.

  Our team of experts is familiar with the features and benefits of banks provided by car loans in Bangalore. They not only inform customers of the offers but also guide them to choose the best offers according to their needs

  We provide a summary of interest rates and other charges on new car loans provided by various banks so that loan applicants can compare current rates and make the decision.

  At Personal Loan Bangalore, we offer the beginning of the end of auto loan services to our customers in Bangalore. We handle all documentation work, making life very simple for our valued customers.


Any entrepreneur with a legitimate business with reasonable earnings can apply for a commercial loan. The banks decide mainly on the amount to be given on the basis of the following criteria:

  • Lower interest rate on car loan

  • Longer repayment period of approximately 7 years

  • Low processing fee

  • Generally, banks finance 85% of the price ex-showroom of the car

  • The loan process is fast for car loan

  • Eligibility for a car loan in Bangalore

    Banks decide on eligibility for car loans on the basis of the following criteria

  • Age of loan applicant

  • Applicant’s loan income

  • Number of years in employment or occupation

  • Generally, banks finance 85% of the price ex-showroom of the car

  • CIBIL score and good repayment history