About us

Financial Bazaar

Financial Bazaar’s services were first set up in January 2000 and managed by qualified and experienced financial experts and are now one of the well-known financial consultants. Financial Bazaar is known for its professional approach to finding solutions for any kind of Indian and offshore insurance and investment requirements, applying appropriate financial planning and risk management techniques. Financial Bazaar has been set up with a program of providing professional and personalized services to all customers in terms of any personal and business insurance and Investments.

We have authorized trading partners for most insurance companies and Indian and offshore financial institutions. In addition to Indian and offshore investments, we also provide services such as serious illness, offshore life insurance, offshore banking, offshore medical coverage, corporate retirement services. In fact, a "holistic" approach to all our private and private clients is the key to providing our clients with the financial stability they want.

At Financial Bazaar, we have a well-trained and dedicated professional team including investment experts, financial planners and insurance experts to meet our clients needs. Financial Bazaar is committed to providing quality services to its heart, whether it is an individual or a company, we customize each solution. Today, the new range of Financial Bazaar concerns service, reliability, and security. The total solution absorbs the spirit of comfort and is fashionable. There is a solution for all needs at Financial Bazaar

Term insurance

Futures plans are the simplest form of life insurance. They provide live coverage with no savings/profits.

Endowment plans

Staffing plans differ from futures plans in an essential aspect, that is, maturity benefit plans. Registration fees require higher fees

Money back Policy

A refund policy is a variant of the endowment plan. It provides periodic payments during the policy period.

Whole life policy

An entire life insurance policy covers an insurance policyholder during his or her lifetime. The validity is not defined, through the time of life